April 17, 2020


What is one thing that you’re doing today to help the Earth? Staying in is the simplest and arguably the best answer at this time. Today I used my reusable cotton round for taking off my makeup. I'm also looking into TerraCycle to get a zero waste box for recycling my beauty products. I learned that this program makes sure that every item is diligently processed and recycled at their facility.

I've always recycled and conserved water, but my eco-conscious fully amplified when I became a mother. I think about my son's reality when he will be my age and at this rate, it isn't good. The thought of the state of our Earth in just two or three decades terrifies me for his generation and beyond. I want the comfort and trust that my children will thrive in a beautiful world and I know that my responsibility counts to fight for that foundation. Sustainability as an individual starts with empathizing with everything that's different from us and feeling it's conflict and struggle. It's understanding that our daily decisions, no matter how small, have a direct impact somewhere along the linear path of consumption. We can break the path of waste with eco-friendly reusables like cotton pads, reusable paper towels, silicone zip bags, glass water bottles, and beeswax food coverings. Making small, permanent changes in the household is monumental in its long-term impact on the earth, because it instills a conscious lifestyle early in future generations. We can also support the greater cause of shifting the linear system of consumption and waste to a circular cycle of sustainability by buying organic whenever and wherever possible. Organic food is getting easier to come by these days, but other highly consumptive goods like clothes made with organic materials are becoming available as well. It is more important today than ever to support brands who are committing to using organic fabrics and sustainable production.

Today I want to share the EILEEN FISHER Organic Linen collection. The collection is a tight edit of classic, timeless silhouettes in elegant neutrals and spring colors. Linen is a quintessential sunny-season fabric that’s naturally-made from flax and as a staple fabric in the EILEEN FISHER brand, they committed to using only organic linen for their clothes. This means no chemicals are used on the plants and the earth and workers aren’t exposed to hazardous chemicals. It means cleaner air, cleaner water, and somewhat more importantly it means having a more responsible eye over sustainable practices from the farm to the factories involved. This systematic process creates a positive impact for the businesses and for the people making the clothes. I think that the support we consciously put towards organic clothes and a committed sustainable brand like EILEEN FISHER is well placed for our children’s future.

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