July 31, 2020

New Playroom Makeover with Crate and Kids

I’m proud to share with you about our partnership with Crate and Kids to welcome a new stage of life into our home! These last two years have gone by in a blink of an eye. If I knew how quickly today would come, I would tell my younger self as a new mom to take time with everything - keep my baby in my arms a little longer, stare at him a little closer, and hold his little hands more. I know how hard it can feel in the moment with the exhaustion and postpartum, but wow I can say it's a harder, bittersweet emotion now knowing that that chapter is gone and closed. But now, Jacob, Kyle, and I are in this new phase of childhood together and it is more fun than I could ever imagine. Jacob takes off the couch cushions that are bigger than him and creates an obstacle course across our living room. He stacks his wooden blocks up tall, only to knock it down with a swift kick a la Dad’s taekwondo move. He loves to run and spin, a lot. When it's a little too quiet, we find him playing with his trucks or cooking in his little kitchen. A lot is changing quickly, especially since we are spending all of our time at home during quarantine. We found ourselves needing to re-imagine a more cohesive and multifunctional space for a very active toddler and parents who work from home. I'm grateful to collaborate with Crate and Kids, not only because I’m already such an avid shopper of their baby and kid home goods, but also because they’ve shown such incredible service from the start of the design process all the way to safe and easy home delivery and setup. I think you’ll be just as amazed as we are at seeing the before and after of our home.

June 25, 2020

Taking Care of Your Scalp with Rooted Rituals

This post is sponsored by Rooted Rituals.

When we think about skincare, we instantly think about our face and everything we need for our conscientious routine. But we shouldn't forget about the skin that's all over the rest of our body, including our scalp. It was only recently I had the epiphany that my skin all over deserves the same effort and love I put towards my facial skin. Why shouldn't we be exfoliating, hydrating, and treating our body and scalp the same way we do for our face?

April 17, 2020


What is one thing that you’re doing today to help the Earth? Staying in is the simplest and arguably the best answer at this time. Today I used my reusable cotton round for taking off my makeup. I'm also looking into TerraCycle to get a zero waste box for recycling my beauty products. I learned that this program makes sure that every item is diligently processed and recycled at their facility.