February 19, 2019

Yes to Babywearing

Keeping him snuggled and close in the most stylish and effortless way.

January 31, 2019

The Power Couple by Augustinus Bader

My husband takes my skincare products all the time, because he knows where the good stuff is. I've managed to keep these under the radar for almost a year, but you know what? A good-skin-couple makes a glowing power couple. One day I decided to pass over my new skincare obsession from my vanity to his because I have a kind heart and all - it was my Augustinus Bader Rich Cream.

January 23, 2019

The Red Lip

I swipe on red lipstick when I'm out on the town with my husband. When I need to conquer a meeting. When I'm at home and needing a beauty boost. I carry a few in my bag at all times to be prepared for any kind of mood. Here are my four red lipsticks that have become my must-haves for life.